SAP GRC suite solution implementation

The SAP GRC is relevant for all customers and helps to manage company's risks and compliance through various channels
in real time approach

SAP GRC Suite contains the following main components:

Access Control

  • Perform audit and compliance as per legal requirements
  • Automatically detect access risk violations across SAP and Non-SAP systems
  • Automate approval and assignment role to user through Electronic form
  • Automate reviews of user’s authorization
  • Manage super-user access and avoiding risk violations and unauthorized access

Process Control

  • Multi-regulation management (SOX – GDPR – Safety and other)
  • Manage Operational Processes and Controls (SAP and Non SAP)
  • Increase quality controls by implementing automatic  controls - CCM
  • Complete tests and evaluations survey
  • Report issues and remediation plan management
  • Manage policies and guidelines 

Risk Management

  • Automate risk management process for an organization
  • Manage remediation strategies for risks and Event management, proactive monitoring.
  • Manage Key Risk Indicators and alerts.
  • Use PC controls / Policies to mitigate Risk


Audit Management

  • Automate the Internal audit process
  • Plan, manage and perform audit
  • Monitor audit results

Business Integrity Screening

  • Prevent and detect fraud, real time detection and prevention features
  • Reducing risk through Key Performance Indicator & predictive analyses.

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